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Donald Trump Jr., to help his father win delegates

Donald Trump Jr., to help his father win delegates

Not once a candidate has been helped in his or her attempt to win the nomination by a family member and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the perfect example. Her husband, Bill Clinton, has been called her ‘secret weapon’ multiple times, due to his experience gained as president. But she’s not the only one whose family is willing to help…

Donald Trump Jr., the Republican front-runner’s son, recently made a declaration, aimed at Texas Senator Ted Cruz, claiming that he has no chances of winning the nomination.

This statement can quickly backfire!

“Ted Cruz has no chance of winning this without bribing the delegates. That’s his game at this point,” Trump Jr. told CNN’s Jake Tapper in a CNN “State of the Union” interview that aired Sunday, according to CNN Politics.

You might think that Donald Trump Jr. wanted to attack Cruz with this statement, but the interesting part is that he said that his father could bribe delegates and do it very well, if he wanted to.

“He could send his private plane and send them down to Doral, they could play golf for a week and then we win that delegate. That’s not the way this country should be run,” he said.

This is an at least weird way to help somebody if you ask us, especially considering that we’re talking about the nomination for the White House race.

Trump’s kids will continue supporting him

When asked about an eventual involvement in the delegate allocation process, Donald Trump Jr. said that, alongside brother Eric and sister Ivanka, will do this.

“You know I think we’ll do some of that, I think that’s natural,” Trump Jr. said. “I think we’re going to do what we need to do to win, to a point, but I think we want to win without having to do that.”

Yes, it might be natural, but what about the New York primaries, when Donald Trump failed to win Manhattan? It was rumored that one of the main reasons why this happened was because Eric and Ivanka Trump failed to register as Republicans before the final term and couldn’t support their father. Like expected, the media found out about this and made it public, and the rest is history…

Cruz is taking hit after hit

But back to Ted Cruz bribing delegates, it seems that Donald Trump Jr.‘s declaration has a foundation, as the Texas Senator’s campaign has been dealing with such accusations all week. This was enough for Donald Trump’s team to claim, once again, that the nomination process is “rigged”, in order to help Cruz win.

Finally, the most surprising accusation the businessman’s son made was targeted at the Republican National Committee, claiming that they would rather see Hillary Clinton as president, instead of allowing his father to be the nominee.

“I think at this point the Republican establishment would much rather just hand the things over to Hillary, hand the reins over to her, let her run it,” he said, quoted by CNN Politics “There’s no accountability in the party. ”

We’re looking forward to seeing if Trump Jr. will make similar declarations in the upcoming weeks!