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Donald Trump makes fraud accusations and wants new elections!

Donald Trump makes fraud accusations and wants new elections!

Although Donald Trump seemed cool after Ted Cruz beat him in Iowa on Monday, the next day we saw a more action-packed Donald. The businessman claimed that the Texas Republican senator stole the race and now he wants either a new election or Cruz’s results to be nullified, says Fox News.

“Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified”, posted Donald Trump on Twitter Wednesday morning. If you thought the mogul can learn from defeats, think again. It all started with Ben Carson saying that Cruz supporters falsely told caucus-goers the retired neurosurgeon was suspending his campaign. That led to the perfect opportunity for Trump to jump at Cruz’s neck.

That’s right, let the Internet know the truth!

“Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!”, was another post by Trump on Twitter, where he is very active. The whole story does have a bit of truth in it, but Donald Trump demonstrates that he is a sore loser for taking it way too far.

In an interview for Fox News’ “Hannity”, Ted Cruz explained the situation and apologized to Carson. He said his political team had forwarded an initial CNN news report saying Carson was taking a break from the campaign trail, but “forgot” to forward an update to that same story, claims Fox News.

We’re OK, but not that OK

“Unfortunately, they did not then forward the subsequent story, that was Ben’s campaign clarifying that he was continuing the campaign and was not canceling the campaign. And so I apologize to Ben for that. They should have forwarded that subsequent story. That was a mistake on our part.”, said Cruz.

Carson’s campaign issued a statement on Tuesday evening, saying he “accepted” Cruz’s apology. Still, Carson developed the story and said some nasty things about how Cruz gets things done. “A culture exists within the Cruz camp that would allow people to take advantage of a situation like this in a very dishonest way.”, said Carson to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

Somebody doesn’t know how to accept a defeat…

The morale of the story? Everybody on the GOP side wants to win, no matter how. Yes, maybe Cruz’s campaign action wasn’t an honest “mistake”, but Ben Carson’s and Donald Trump’s reactions? They both lost!! It shouldn’t be so hard to cope with it, right? Sure, Iowa gave many Republican nominees and the two put their hopes and dreams in this state, but shouldn’t they move along and prepare for the rest of the campaign?

The GOP side wasn’t the only one with problems. Democrat Bernie Sanders is still wondering if he is the actual winner in the Iowa elections. “The Iowa caucus is so complicated — it’s not 100 percent sure that we didn’t win it”, said the Vermont Senator on NBC’s “Today” show. Afterwards, he stated that he doesn’t want to “overstate” the issue and is “really now focusing on New Hampshire.”