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Donald Trump: Nigel Farage will be great Britain’s ambassador to the US

Donald Trump: Nigel Farage will be great Britain’s ambassador to the US

Donald Trump during his transition timing is forming his next office and tries to shape the circle of diplomats from powerful countries who can serve in the US. The President-elect said that Nigel Farage could be the best Britain’s ambassador to the US.

Downing Street has slapped down Donald Trump’s extraordinary call for the appointing Nigel Farage as an Ambassador of the UK in the US. Donald Trump wants to see his supporter in the US, while the Foreign Office gently reminds there is ‘no vacancy’ for the key post.

Nr Trump tweeted on Monday that Mr Farage, the Ukip leader, would do a ‘great job’ as the UK’s man in Washington. Such the unpoliteness of the American, such an intervention infuriated Theresa May and arose more doubts about the prospects for the Special Relationship after he takes charge of the White House.

According to Mr Farage, he is ‘very flattered’ and ready to do his best to serve his country and can ‘to act in a positive way to help relationships between our two countries.’

Trump wasn’t polite as the President-elect should be, his behaviour is the tycoon’s one. His recent endorsement is just an embarrassment for the Prime Minister, who had to be content with a short telephone call from Mr Trump when. To compare: Mr Farage was given a personal tour of Donald Trump’s lavish New York home.

The UK and its Downing Street said there was ‘no vacancy’ and praised Britain’s incumbent ambassador, Sir Kim Darroch. In addition, a No 10 spokesman said:

‘There is no vacancy. We already have an excellent ambassador to the US.’

Theresa May added there was no role for the interim Ukip leader as the ‘third person’ in a relationship with Mr Trump, which will be modelled on the Thatcher-Reagan era.