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Donald Trump to plan launching a news channel

Donald Trump to plan launching a news channel

Donald Trump said he was treated unfairly by the media, that’s why the mogul decided to launch the news channel. According to the Republican presidential candidate, the election is “rigged” in favour of his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton. So, time to act.

Donald Trump used to take the matters into his own hands, so, his own news channel for informing the Americans on the presidential race will be the perfect option for him now.

Minutes before the final presidential debate, the Trump campaign launched an alternative debate broadcast, streamed on Facebook live via the candidate’s page and complete with Trump-styled political commentators and analysis. In fact, this alternative broadcast was viewed by more than 8 million people, could be the start of a new business venture for the New York tycoon: a Trump TV network.

Comments on Mr Trump’s Facebook page after Wednesday night’s debate supported the idea that conservatives are likely to only trust their own media. One of the supporters wrote on Twitter:

“Love seeing us millennials and are new way of communication, no need for the New York Times, Boston Global, & Crooked bias coverage of NEWSPAPERS! We are live and connected through the Internet!”

Another one was grateful to Trump for “bringing the truth to light,” people are different, there is enough media space for both candidates indeed.