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Donald Trump to visit Britain on 24th June

Donald Trump to visit Britain on 24th June

Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he intends to visit UK, where he will be attend on ceremony of opening his new Trump Golf Resort in Scotland. Opening date (24 June) coincides with the day after the referendum on Brexit issue. Relations between Trump and Cameron have become very strained because of  the billionaire’s words on Muslims, moreover, many Britons are just opposed to Donald Trump and don’t want his visiting the country.

Republican nominee in the US presidential election Trump will arrive in the UK on June 24 —this date Trump’s secretary set for the opening ceremony of a Golf Resort, in which billionaire has invested plenty of money. Overall, the UK economy got from Trump’s funds more than 200 million pounds for creating resorts. Therefore Trump intend to visit the country WHENEVER he wants, he said. Date June 24 was set long before the idea of a British referendum, so there’s no reasons for speculations on coincidence, the press-secretary Donald Trump.

In December 2015, almost 600,000 Britons have signed an online petition to ban entry to the UK for Trump. The reason for the petition was billionaire harsh statements regarding Muslims and migrants.

The representative of the UK Prime Minister noted that no meetings with Cameron is planned. David Cameron wants to stay UK in the EU, and Trump said it will be better outside of Union. Mr Trump understands that a meeting with him for Cameron is undesirable at the moment; however, the U.S. presidential candidate believes that is always appropriate to maintain good relations.