Today: Thursday, 25 April 2024 year

Donald Trump’s Disgusting Double Low-Blow Against Hillary Clinton

Never the one to miss a chance at going for the low blow, Donald Trump has again taken a childish snap at Democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton by calling her “disgusting” for using the bathroom during the latest Democratic debate and being “schlonged” by her male opponent.

It was before a crowd of about 7,500 people in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at a political gathering that Trump lambasted Clinton’s disappearance last Saturday during the Democrat’s debate. It was after a commercial break that only two of the Dems reappeared and Clinton was missing. She then reappeared on stage and Trump took the opportunity to drag his imagination to the dirt and disclaim that the reason for Hillary’s disappearance was, “disgusting” and went on and on warning the audience not to ask him where she’d gone.

Trump didn’t stop his trip through the sewers of his mind, and dragged the audience even further down by blasting Clinton for “not winning anything”. He went on to focus on the 2007 presidential election and that she lost to Barack Obama even though the favored Democratic choice. Trump said aloud at the rally that Hillary had been “schlonged”.

A poor choice of words in both cases is an understatement. Trump showed is disrespect across the board. In a double-edged swipe, Trump not only insulted the leading political woman in the US, but also has insulted professional women the world over. His tactics are indicative of such a male chauvinistic oppressive force, that he should be banned from politics and his past business associations with women professionals brought into question.

Trump just doesn’t seem to know when to stop when it comes to underhanded insults and so far has attacked every opponent on every level except race, and there he’s borderline at best. He will leap at any opportunity to show how crass and sophomoric his intellect will stoop to, just to make a point and he’s long past the point of a dangerous legal liability to any company or government that would have him as a leader.

Trump has all the bad qualities of a candidate that will end up dragging his constituents down the Rabbit Hole with him.
Up to this point, Hillary Clinton has put up with lots of abuse, but to have an opponent lash out at her for being female in such a low-brow way is indicative of her affect on the minds of some, if not a huge number of males in business and government. Some men in power just can’t fathom nor live with the fact that a woman could be President of the United States, command the most powerful weapons systems in human history, and gude with confidence the armed forces of America. Some men, even foreign leaders would literally lose their minds at such a prospect.

Trump has proven that women are still feared and can cause men to illicit such sub-human responses of the uncivilized portions of the mind and that might be the biggest danger yet. The fear that a woman president would come after men who’ve been cruel to women and are terrified their transgressions will come to light.

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