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Donald Trump’s response on Orlando shooting: ban on immigration and more military actions

Donald Trump’s response on Orlando shooting: ban on immigration and more military actions

Donald Trump came up with radical measures against repetition of new shootings like in Orlando gay club that killed 50 people.  The politician wants a temporary exclusion for Muslims and more military actions against Islamic State.

In his speech Trump also criticized his political rival Hillary Clinton because of her opposite point of view. He mentioned that Mrs. Clinton should stop her fight for the president’s post, if she doesn’t want to acknowledge that events in Orlando was a consequence of the development of radical Islam. Trump thinks Barack Obama also should to lay down his duties, if he won’t use these two words to describe the situation. In their statements politicians tried to avoid this term and used “an act of terror” as more neutral definition.

Policemen arrested Omar Mateen on suspicion of shooting people at a gay club in Orlando. The man’s father was an Afghanistan immigrant, and this fact supports the idea of the temporary ban on Trump’s opinion. The politician highlighted that Mrs. Clinton’s strategies will only make the situation worse by opening doors for more immigrants and creating possibilities for the radicalization of their second generation. On his tweets Trump said that Orlando shooting will not be the last such event. He did not abandon his negative views on Muslims even after he became a presumptive nominee. Trump’s ideas about additional military response against Islamic State include heavy operations like bombing.

Mr. Trump has faced widespread condemnation for this stance from both Mrs. Clinton and numerous Republicans, but, as he did again Sunday, he has said such vigilance was necessary and that the country “can’t afford to be politically correct.”

Mrs. Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, initially responded with caution Sunday morning after early reports about the assault, offering her thoughts to those affected “as we wait for more information.”

In her statement, Mrs. Clinton said “we need to redouble our efforts to defend our country from threats at home and abroad,” focusing on the threat of terrorism. Further down in her statement, she called for more stringent restrictions on guns.

Donald Trump and the “local religion”

Muslim isn’t the only religion that Trump has conflicts with. Media mentions the politician is treated as “persona non grata” by Mormons. Throughout the primaries, Mr. Trump was pummeled in the Book of Mormon Belt. In Utah, he suffered one of his worst defeats, finishing dead last with a paltry 14 percent of the vote. Outside Utah, he often underperformed in counties where Mormons were more heavily concentrated.

This attitude can be cause by Trump’s extravagant behavior or his radical political views. Utah is a pro-Republican state and officials hope the situation won’t change. However, a recent poll shows Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton running neck and neck, with the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson — who has his campaign headquarters in Salt Lake City — picking up 16 percent, and nearly one-third of despairing respondents opting for “other.”