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National Donut Day: This is how Nissan celebrates

National Donut Day: This is how Nissan celebrates

Starting from 1938, 3rd June is National Donut (Doughnut) Day, and this year Chris Forsberg used his Nissan to make a show while celebrating this date. #NationalDonutDay blog articles will show you not only this extraordinary performance, but many others examples of celebrating this day. Americans like donuts every day, and have a lot of fun during National Donut Day.

On 3rd June people can just to make a trip to the nearest Dunkin Donuts and get a free donut, but creative persons prefer to celebrate in a special way. E.g., using Nissan 370Z Nismo for coat hundreds donuts. To be more accurately, driver coated 325 donuts a time. How could he do this? Watch their video.

To have some fun, guys used 350 horsepower, 2,800 pounds of sprinkles and 15 passes to complete the stunt. As you can see, the old phrase “Time to make the donuts” for whole new meaning. Using a Nissan 370Z Nismo, Chris Forsberg managed to coat more than 325 donuts.

In 2016, America celebrates the 68th #NationalDonutDay in a row. Donuts became popular in many other countries, not only in USA. Actually, history of Doughnut Day came to pass due to the efforts of a doctor in the military in the first World War who sought to brighten the day of the wounded soldiers he worked on.