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‘Drunkorexia’ as new form of alcohol abuse on college campuses

‘Drunkorexia’ as new form of alcohol abuse on college campuses

‘Drunkorexia’ is becoming popular on the college campuses, says the study by the University of Houston. According to the medicine, drunkorexia is excessive drinking is preceded by fasting or vigorous exercise. This new tendency has its own rules and practice.

Drunkorexia has the main aim to get drunker or get drunk as fastest as possible. The practice of drunkorexia consists of a combination of food restriction, excessive exercise, or binge eating and purging, with alcohol use. All these details describing the diet-related behaviors of the drunkorecsics noted investigator Dr. Dipali Rinker in his recent publication for the Medscape Medical News.

Drunkorexia at the US colleges

Drunkorexics often prefer not eating at all before drinking, this unhealthy tendency may involve induced vomiting or the consumption of laxatives or diuretics. All of these approaches are harmful to the young organisms, say doctors while presenting the research at the 39th Annual Research Society on Alcoholism Scientific Meeting in New Orleans.