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Dubai Expo 2020: waiting for visitors

Dubai Expo 2020: waiting for visitors

The Expo 2020 Dubai site remains one of the highly-anticipated sites to be opened this year. Amid pandemic and lockdowns across the globe, opening Dubai Expo means a milestone to both residents and tourists, The National says.

The biggest site, a Sustainability Pavilion, encircled with solar-powered trees and embedded with green energy solutions. For Dubai, using green energy means a lot because of 2030 energy plan.

All pavilions offer all sorts of fun and informative outdoor experiences that will surely inspire the environment and technology enthusiasts.

A Sustainability Pavilion became the first area to welcome visitors, nine months ahead of the Expo’s formal inauguration. The pavilion opening is a preview of the future attractions visitors to the World Fair can expect in October.

Two more pavilions, Mobility and Opportunity, will debut by April as part of the Pavilions Premiere.

For tourists, Dubai is one of the most comfortable cities, in fact. The Dubai 2020 Expo will be able to spot other landmark structures though these are not yet open. The visitors can explore the grounds and see some of the installations already in place.