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Dublin coffee shop may be the firs in Ireland to go cashless

Dublin coffee shop may be the firs in Ireland to go cashless

If the coffee shop’s customers cannot pay with cash, Dublin cafe may be the first in Ireland cashless shop, Independent reported. The contactless payments is a future, shop’s owners believe.

The ordinary Bear Market Coffee, situated on George Street in Dublin, could become the unordinary soon because of not using cash. According to its owners, going cash-free allows the coffee shop to provide better customer service and to eliminate the level of stress for both baristas and clients.

“We do get times where everyone comes in together, with 20 or 30 people in the queue,” the owner Ruth explains and adds that they’ve found that the person on the till is quite stressed trying to sort out change. As a result, customers are not really engaging or explaining different cakes that coffee shop has because they’re under pressure to get down the line.

In fact, the contactless payments mean that every purchase can be done really efficiently and much faster. The idea of a cashless shop Bear Market Coffee came from New York, the coffee shop’s owners, Mr and Mrs Deasy, found such a cashless atmosphere is a lot more relaxed. They’ve launched their own business and the routine investigation showed that 80 per cent of the purchases at Bear Market Coffee were already being made on the card.

In addition to going cashless, Bear Market Coffee on George Street has also partnered with telecommunications company Magnet Networks to allow customers to pre-order their purchases via an app. That help to save time and nerves of the clients, coffee shop’s owners say.