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Duda urged Biden to deploy a “security umbrella” over Poland.

Duda urged Biden to deploy a “security umbrella” over Poland.

Polish President Andrzej Duda is waiting for US President Joe Biden to deploy an “American security umbrella” over Poland.

Biden intends to visit Poland on February 20-22.

“What do we expect? We expect this presence, because the presence itself is an important sign of the strengthening and deployment of such an American umbrella over Poland. This is important for us,” Duda told reporters in London after meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Duda’s briefing was broadcast by Polish television.

“Everyone knows that the United States is the strongest power in the world, the strongest and most experienced army in the world. Therefore, this is, in fact, a guarantee of security,” Duda said.

He specified that he intends to discuss with Biden the issues of the American military presence in Poland.

“Of course, we will talk with the president about the American presence in Poland, about strengthening the presence in the issue related to the American defense infrastructure or American military units, about cooperation between Poland and the United States. We would like to strengthen this cooperation,” Duda said.