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Eco-friendly yoga-wear collection launched by Asics, Pyrates

Eco-friendly yoga-wear collection launched by Asics, Pyrates

The seven-piece sports collection was launched jointly by the two brands. Asics and Pyrate have presented the all-natural and eco-friendly yoga collection, “Yoga capsule”.

The collection for yoga features a variety of fitness essentials, including leggings, wide-legged trousers, sports bras and jumpers. All seven pieces made from innovative Pyratex knit fabrics, the Spanish brand used to use 100 percent natural fibres for optimum movement and comfort.

The fabrics were coloured with dyes derived from plants and minerals and packaging made from natural and reusable materials, while the design was provided by Spanish entrepreneur Regina Polanco.

For Japanese sportswear brand Asics, it is the first collaboration with the Spanish startup, Pyrates Smart Fabrics. “Yoga capsule” pieces coloured by the non-endangered and replenishable ingredients, which maintain the brand’s ethicality at every step of the process. Pyrates stresses that the entire dye process is also non-toxic and uses less water than traditional methods.

Asics and Pyrates “Yoga capsule” also prides itself in being made for women by women. The collaboration was enabled as a result of Pyrates receiving support from the Asics Tenkan-Ten initiative, a global acceleration programme for startups that focuses on elevating sports and well-being.