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Egypt, UAE send military support to Libya’s strongman Haftar

Egypt, UAE send military support to Libya’s strongman Haftar

The urgent military support for the forces of Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar was offered by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Middle East Monitor reported on Saturday.

General Haftar is continuing to fight against the internationally-recognised Libyan government in the capital Tripoli, while Egypt and the UAE remain strongman’s ally. According to the local media Arabi 21, Egypt has extended its support to dispatching the military experts to Tripoli battlefields to fight side-by-side with Gen Haftar’s forces.

The UAE has sent the Russian-made Pantsir Defence System S1, anti-aircraft missiles, artillery ammunition and night sighting devices to General Haftar’s forces. Such support will allow Haftar’s forces to combat the fighter jets of the Libyan government, which pushed Haftar’s forces from the airport on Tuesday.

Egypt, UAE support General Haftar’s fighting in Tripoli

For Lybia’s neighbours, the uncertain situation in Tripoli is a very alarming signal. Since 2011, a year of Arab Spring and overthrowing of Muammar Gaddhafi, the civil war is shaking Lybia.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi confirmed his full support to the Lybian strongman Haftar during the recent meeting with Aqila Saleh, the speaker of Haftar’s parliament.

On 4 April 2018, Haftar launched a military campaign to occupy Tripoli and oust the Libyan government. Haftar’s attack coincided with UN plans to hold a national dialogue conference in Libya, which was undermined by Haftar’s military actions.