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Egyptian President prolongs state of emergency for 3 months

Egyptian President prolongs state of emergency for 3 months

Abdel Fattah Sisi signed a decree to prolong the state of emergency across the country for three months, Bernama news agency reported. Presidential decree aimed at the protection of people’s lives and property.

President Sisi was criticized for his prolonging the state of emergency. During the next three months, the officials still have the additional powers to curtail certain freedoms and civil rights under aegis of preventing terrorism and civil unrest as well as protection of people’s lives.

According to President Sisi’s decree, the measure is important and timely, it serves in the interest of preserving order and stability in the greater scheme of anti-terrorism efforts. Despite this, critics have said Cabinet used to use state of emergency as a method to silence the opposition and pro-democracy groups.

The decree says that the Armed Forces and police must do everything possible to fight terrorism and its financial sources as well as protect people’s lives and property, the MENA news agency reported on late Sunday.

President Sisi’s decree enters into force on Thursday

On Thursday, the presidential decree enters into force, the state of emergency continues its action across Egypt. The presidential decision was supported by the country’s parliament last week.

The Egyptians used to live under the state of emergency since 2017. Under the decree, the military and the police force take the necessary measures to confront the threats of terrorism and its funding. In addition, the Armed Forces of Egypt maintain security, protect any kind of properties, public and private.

In August 2017, the Egyptian government had to announce the state of emergency after the terror attacks in Tanta and Alexandria. the tragic incidents in the Christian churches in these cities took lives of more 50 people.