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Eight killed in Afghanistan army helicopter crash

Eight killed in Afghanistan army helicopter crash

Eight Afghan army soldiers were killed on Sunday in the crash of a helicopter. The military aircraft crashed in northern Aghan Baghlan province, Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said. 

The tragedy in Afghanistan took away five lives, all the crew members and three soldiers were killed in the military helicopter’s crash. This helicopter was supplying a military base situated in Dand Ghori district. Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman rejected any claims by insurgents to have downed the helicopter. According to officials, a technical problem with the aircraft became a reason of a tragedy:

One helicopter was on the ground while a second was patrolling in the air above, when “suddenly a technical problem caused the helicopter to catch fire and hit the ground.”

The Taliban decided to use the tragedy as a PR-occasion, the spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid issued an official statement, in which Taliban takes the responsibility for downing the military helicopter with eight people on the board. Taliban prefers to think that Afghan military aircraft was shot down by the rebels.

Last month, Taliban insurgents have intensified their attacks on Afghan security forces in northern Baghlan and neighboring Kunduz province, so supplying the military base is available only by air. All the roads were blocked by Taliban, explain the Afghan officials.