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Electric road built in Sweden

Electric road built in Sweden

An electric road that was built in Sweden is the innovative concept by researchers at Lund University. The effective, ecological and low-cost road will definitely the most speedy road in the Scandinavian countries.

The new electric road system features a conductive rail on the road surface, which is inactive until an EV passes over the top. According to the researchers, the EV can be charged with up to 160kW by the rail. Moreover, the developers from the und University are proud to announce that the system offering an efficiency claimed to be as high as 97%.

The system could allow EVs to feature smaller, lower cost batteries as range extension would be delivered by the charging system instead. Traditionally, Sweden has the world’s safest roads, and this new road proves the fact.

Roads in Sweden: the secret of success

How has Sweden reached that status of the roads? The local authorities are going much more for engineering than enforcement, the government agency is working on the traffic safety strategy year by year.

Sweden has rebuilt roads to prioritize safety over speed and other considerations. This includes the creation of “2 + 1” roads, three-lane streets consisting of two lanes in one direction and one lane in the other; the extra lane alternates between directions to allow for passing. That design saved roughly 145 lives during the first 10 years of Vision Zero.

many European countries are studying the Swedish model of roads building and their safety. New York has also adopted a Vision Zero plan, which includes the implementation of slow zones and increased police enforcement of speeding laws. As a result, it’s never been safer to cross a street in New York City.

The experts say that Sweden is able to get road deaths even closer to zero but only the driverless cars are the answer to that challenge.