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Is Elizabeth Warren Going To Toss Her Hat In The 2016 Ring?

Is Elizabeth Warren Going To Toss Her Hat In The 2016 Ring?

The public has seen the roster of 2016 presidential hopefuls all over the news and the internet. The battles between such people as billionaire Donald Trump, former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Dr. Ben Carson, and of course, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, but the one person that people on the Democratic side want and the Republicans fear, is Senator Elizabeth Warren. Her present power and growing popularity makes her a force to be reckoned with, but as of yet, she hasn’t tossed her hat in the ring for the 2016 presidential election.

Warren has frustrated people no end with her on/off attitude as she’s gotten the support of the Democratic public in alarming numbers. Her attacks on the big banks, Wall St., and government corruption has garnered her the allegiance of millions of frustrated Americans. She has popped her head up here and there to make headlines for commenting on political and social issues that are of importance to her. She’s very personable and effective in her delivery on issues and her smallest comment appears on internet social media like a tsunami.

This celebrity status has both sides of the political arena walking on eggshells as they know an endorsement by Warren goes far, but criticism can attract disdain that can be overwhelming at times. That being said, everyone from women’s groups to minority groups, to Tea Party members, and even some Republican traditionalists, will pop up and support an Elizabeth Warren agenda much to the surprise of the mainstream press.

Hillary Clinton finds Warren as a threat. Reason being is because Warren wouldn’t be good as a vice president to Clinton who has ties to the same groups Warren has been fighting against. Clinton also endorses policies that Warren opposes. Clinton would have to watch her back 24/7 with Warren on her back and that means Clinton’s people would have to be sharp to prevent conflicts that would surely upend Clinton’s presidency.

The team people want most is a Sanders/Warren team. Both politicians cover the same ground, but Warren so far hasn’t leapt forward to endorse anyone, even Sanders. The reason could be there are some things about Sanders she doesn’t agree with and it could be because she feels the Democratic machine will not endorse Sanders no matter what thus impeding his chances of winning. It all depends on what happens in New Hampshire and Iowa. Should Sanders triumph in both states, it would send a message that he’s the man of the hour. It so far looks as though Sanders is going to win Iowa and New Hampshire and then we’ll have to see what Warren has to say.

Should Warren become part of the campaign, the Democrats by the math would win the election just from the female voting alone. She and Sanders would dominate, but her and Clinton would be interesting to see. Two women running for the White House would cause who knows what level of turmoil. Would men overall see it as a threat and vote Republican just to stay safe, or would a team up like this bring about a change in mindsets that would send shockwaves around the world?

The ball is in Warren’s court but she’s got to step up soon and take responsibility. This cat and mouse game is driving the public crazy and her hesitance could lead to some thinking she’s got something to hide. In a few weeks however we’ll know from the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, which of the Democratic candidates take the lead out of the gate.