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Elon Musk accuses Tesla worker of sabotage

Elon Musk accuses Tesla worker of sabotage

The billionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk is suffering from the sabotage, according to the leaked emails. In the messages, Tesla CEO accuses the worker of exporting “highly sensitive Tesla data”, AutoExpress reported.

Elon Musk suggests a wider conspiracy among Tesla workers, in his emails the engineer suggests that a company worker of carrying out “extensive and damaging sabotage” to the company’s operations. According to Musk’s email, a member of Tesla staff made “direct code changes to the Tesla Manufacturing Operating System” under false usernames. The inventor calls it a sabotage while the employee in question has been caught and interrogated. Musk said the fire could just be a “random event”.

Rough worker’s motivation was just a promotion, he aspired it but did not receive. Elon Musk suspects “there may be considerably more to this situation than meets the eye”, stating that there is a plenty of organisations that want Tesla to die, oil and gas corporations, for an instance. Musk warned that an employee who may have been working for Tesla’s enemies conducted “extensive” sabotage of the company’s operations.

While Tesla CEO concedes such instances of sabotage are often motivated by “something simple like wanting to get back at someone within the company or at the company as a whole”, Musk urges the staff to whom he sent the email to “be extremely vigilant.”

The leaked email was followed by a further email from Musk, detailing a small fire on the Tesla production line described as a “strange incident that was hard to explain”. In an email to employees, the founder of the green car company said he had been “dismayed” to learn that a disgruntled staffer changed the code of Tesla’s IT systems and passed large amounts of highly sensitive data to unknown third parties.

In fact, Tesla is experiencing the tough times, Mr Musk said 9% of company’s workforce would be cut as part of a restructuring of the carmaker, which has not made an annual profit since it was created nearly 15 years ago.