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Elon Musk opens retro 1950-style drive-in restaurant

Elon Musk opens retro 1950-style drive-in restaurant

Elon Musk is full of ideas, business and funny ones, the inventor wants now to open a retro restaurant where everything will be 1950-styled. That drive-in place will be serving cheeseburgers, chocolate malts, and traditional milkshakes. Sounds great but what about the colonisation of Mars, asks users on social media.

SpaceX’s founder is the multitalented multihyphenate but his the most recent business idea surprised everyone, especially after Zuma’s falling down to the Pacific. The billionaire recently announced on Twitter his latest business venture: a retro 1950s-themed drive-in restaurant in Los Angeles.

While the mysterious disappearance of the even more mysterious Zuma satellite may have left egg on the faces of Elon Musk and SpaceX, it seems according to some cynical onlookers that Musk is simply going to put said egg on a plate and serve it up, diner-style.

While this venture may seem like a bit of a lark for the aerospace tech magnate, it is actually quite clever from a business perspective. The Tesla Supercharger stations, which Tesla is building all across the United States, will allow Tesla owners to recharge their vehicles in as little as 30 minutes rather than over the course of several hours.

Elon is missing the spirit of those old-school cafes where people can visit with the family or friends. With at least a half-hour to kill, chowing down on a juicy burger and listening to the sweet strains of Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti” sounds like a much better way to pass the time than simply staring into the backlit abyss that is your cell phone.