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Elon Musk shares pic of Amber Heard in Aquaman and fans aren’t thrilled about it

Elon Musk shares pic of Amber Heard in Aquaman and fans aren’t thrilled about it

Elon Musk and Amber Heard are dating, and the billionaire shared on Instagram the image of an actress from the set of Aquaman. She is in a green bodysuit, coming out of the water, Elon called her ‘Queen of Atlantis’ and this made his fans laugh a lot.

Elon Musk was always a supportive boyfriend to Amber Heard, he was right beside her while her scandalous divorce with Johnny Depp. Now, the billionaire is happy with the romantic relations, he uploaded a new photo of Amber from the set of Aquaman. The actress plays Mera, Aquaman’s love interest and eventual Queen of Atlantis in the movie.

Amber Heard Aquaman

Musk is extremely proud of his new girlfriend, but the followers of the SpaceX founder are not happy at all with this situation. Many people believe that Ms Heard is a gold digger, Elon’s fans question, “Why Elon musk is promoting this?”

Amber Heard wants to marry Elon Musk: users reaction

Amber Heard and Elon Musk have romantic relations but the followers are sure that American actress aimed at the money of Elon. “Taking gold digging to new depths”, wrote one of the users as an answer to the photo of ‘Queen of Atlantis’.

While Elon is in love with the new young girlfriend, his fans are trying to understand how this girl who even finished a school could charm this smart man.

“In my opinion, Elon is like Einstein 2.0 but it’s funny how a man like him can still be fooled by a pretty woman. I don’t think he will wake up anytime soon. But at least he’s happy, until she accuse him of something haha,”

one user wrote.

The character design looks to be ripped straight from the pages of the comic.