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Elton John reveals bitter nine-year feud with his mum is over

Elton John reveals bitter nine-year feud with his mum is over

Elton John is an extremely kind-hearted person, say all his friends, but his nine-year-long feud with his mother is just unexplainable. Fortunately, last Mother’s Day, the good son has twitted a tribute to mum, sharing a throwback photo of the pair of them.

Elton John and his mother Sheila Farebrother didn’t say any words to each other over last nine years, fortunately, this bad blood between them is over on Sunday. This Mother’s day became the best one for both them, the family reunited at last.

‘Dear Mum, Happy Mother’s Day! So happy we are back in touch. Love, Elton xo,’

wrote Elton after revealing that he has built bridges with his mum after nine-year feud.

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The fans were happy to see that Elton is a really good son who has his own sons and wants them to be a kind-hearted and tolerant people. The British star had said at the time that he still doesn’t want Sheila to play a part in his life after she bad-mouthed his husband David Furnish.

However, sir Elton also admitted this wouldn’t stop him making sure she’s okay.
‘It upsets me but to be honest, I don’t miss her,’ Elton explained.

On June 3, Elton John will perform the great show at London’s Twickenham Stadium, the first gig after the long period of recovering from complex bacteria infection he had in April.