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Emergency UN talks after ‘chemical attack’ in Syria

Emergency UN talks after ‘chemical attack’ in Syria

The UN Secretary-General is ‘deeply disturbed’ by tragic news from Syrian Idlib where an alleged use of chemical weapons killed more than 100 people in the early hours on April, 4.

The chemical attack in Syria caused an acute reaction of the international community, the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on April, 4 to discuss detailed reports of this tragic airstrike in the Khan Shaykhun area of southern Idlib.

The emergency UN talks include the UK and France whose representatives released a draft resolution will be put forward calling for monthly reports on whether the Syrian government is cooperating with an international inquiry into chemical weapons.

President Trump blamed the Assad regime for the attack, claiming this tragic incident as a logical link and consequence of the predecessor administration’s ‘weakness and irresolution’. Meanwhile, the Syrian doctors are working in the non-stop regime to save the lives on the survivors.

The chemical attack: many people to choke

The use of the chemical substances in Syria caused a mass death of the local people, many of them were kids. The atrocity of Tuesday’s attack is obvious, the toxic fumes caused many people to choke, they limping, struggling to breathe and even foaming at the mouth. The most bitter fact is 11 children were among the dead, while at least 160 kids were injured. So far, the human rights activists said there were 400 injured and more than 100 civilians dead.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the incident was caused by a warplane releasing “toxic gas” in a residential area in the early hours of Tuesday.