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Emma Watson is a better performer than we thought

Emma Watson is a better performer than we thought

Emma Watson is able to work under any circumstances in every entourage. The performer was growing up on the set, and since Harry Potter times, she can cope with any kind of complex scene. After Beauty and The Beast, the world could see that Ms Watson is a better performer than we used to think.

Emma Watson’s new work on the Beauty and the Beast was highly appreciated by critics, fans and colleagues. The movie is wildly popular, and Watson’s partner on the set Dan Stevens was working hard during the filming. Dan in a giant, padded, grey rig are much more endearing, and it’s astounding that Emma Watson made it through a single scene without breaking.

Frankly, the fantasy actors are seriously underrated, the modern technologies help to the human imagination to do its best. Even the Stockholm Syndrome love story looks good and touching with the computer technologies’ help. Emma Watson has a great experience – she did have plenty of practice with similar effects on the set of Harry Potter, so her work on the set of Beauty and the Beast is just perfect.

Emma Watson: behind the scene

Maybe, at this point, seeing a man not dressed like a fibre Golem or rabid mist is what she finds weird. Anyway, our respect for her has skyrocketed. The critics and fans believe that Emma Watson needs to be nominated for Oscar for the role of the Beauty.

“The attention to detail in this film is exquisite, from the gold flakes on Belle’s ballroom gown to the ‘Fantasia’-like theatrics of the ‘Be Our Guest’ feast. All of the acting heavy hitters truly bring those inanimate objects to life,”

Fort Worth Star-Telegram critic said.