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Emma Watson thinks comparison of Trump and the Beast is funny

Emma Watson thinks comparison of Trump and the Beast is funny

Emma Watson starred in the new movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’, so the comparison of Donald Trump and the Beast the actress finds very funny.

Emma Watson was giggling when The Beast from her new movie was compared to Donald Trump. The British actress finds their similarities pretty darn funny. Maybe, she as the performer of The Beauty sees all the details better.the Beast’s similarities with president-elect Donald Trump.

The president-elect Donald Trump is experiencing tough time, the wave of the massive protests throughout the US shows that people disagreed with new leader’s winning. Dan Stevens, the actor who played The Beast, tickled his co-star’s funny bone when he responded to a question on what we’ll learn of the Beast’s backstory. “That’s an interesting question, isn’t it?” he began.

“I suppose we see a little bit of his backstory. We learn a little bit more about this vain, spoiled, rich kid, son of a billionaire who treats women like objects and lives in a luxury tower.”

Emma Watson and the new movie with her will be released on March 17, 2017. In this live-action re-imagining of the fairy tale, a young woman (Emma Watson) takes her father’s place as prisoner in a beast’s castle, only to fall in love with her beastly captor (Dan Stevens), who turns out to be a prince.