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Emmanuel Macron’s twice-a-day drinking habit was criticised by French doctors

Emmanuel Macron’s twice-a-day drinking habit was criticised by French doctors

French president’s staunch defence of drinking wine twice a day has come under fire from the doctors. According to them, Macron’s habit to drink wine twice a day is not good for his health.

the French doctors warned their President that his twice-a-day drinking wine habit as bad for his health as any other alcoholic beverage. Last month, Emmanuel Macron confessed to drinking glasses at lunch and dinner. During the annual agricultural fair, such a confession sounded pretty logical. But not for the doctors who made a storm in a glass of wine.

Mr macron is not the first President whose drinking habit is known and clear, but his predecessors showed scant interest in wine. For example, Jacques Chirac famously preferred beer, Nicolas Sarkozy was teetotal and François Hollande said little on the subject. In comparison with them, Emmanuel Macron is a buff.

Emmanuel Macron about wine

Mr Macron promised not to tighten the so-called Evin law, which restricts advertising on alcoholic beverages.

“It is a blight on public health when young people get drunk at an accelerated speed with alcohol or beer, but this is not the case with wine.”

Macron’s ode to wine was designed to quell fury among French producers over recent comments from his health minister Agnès Buzyn, who warned that the drink was bad for people’s health.

“The French population is led to believe that wine protects them, that it offers benefits that other alcohol does not,”

Ms Buzyn, a haematologist, said in a television interview.

“It’s false. Scientifically, wine is an alcohol like any other,”

she concluded.

According to her, France required a “national alcohol plan” to deal with its drinking problems. The doctors are pointing out that 60 percent of the French were for tightening the rules on consumption.