Saturday, 28 January 2023 year
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Last news

18 : 22
Britain believes that the risk of escalation is nonsense, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are obliged to receive equipment.
18 : 10
A native of Russia became the largest taxpayer in the UK
17 : 58
Russia demands the departure of the Latvian ambassador within two weeks
16 : 41
The UN Secretary General called neo-Nazism the main internal threat for some countries.
16 : 39
Estonia, Lithuania and Poland called for lowering the price limit for Russian oil.
16 : 37
The French Foreign Ministry claims that Paris is not at war with Moscow.
16 : 36
The foreign ministers of Iran and Azerbaijan had a talk after the attack on the embassy.
05 : 27
Biden joked about his mistakes and immediately made a mistake.
05 : 26
The United States will supply Ukraine with Abrams tanks without a secret armor alloy.
05 : 25
The Danish radical who burned the Koran issued an ultimatum to Erdogan.
05 : 23
The US military killed a local IS leader in Somalia.
05 : 22
An air alert is declared in the southern part of Israel.
05 : 20
Dodon says the delivery of military supplies for Ukraine through Moldova is possible.
16 : 48
Prosecutors asked the Supreme Court to return Dodon to house arrest.
16 : 46
The French MP urged to discuss in Parliament the supply of Leclerc to Kyiv.
16 : 44
There are strikes against pension reform in France.
08 : 34
The head of the Italian Ministry of Defense spoke about a new package of assistance to Kyiv.
08 : 32
The structures of the leader of the Belarusian opposition Tikhanovskaya were recognized as extremist.
08 : 30
London warned of an alleged continued threat of cyberattacks from Russia and Iran.
08 : 29
The Prime Minister of Cambodia said that he would not provide military assistance to Ukraine.
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