Tuesday, 21 May 2024 year
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Greece brings back mask mandate

The Greek government said Thursday that all Christmas concerts and other season events have been cancelled across the country due to rising omicron cases.  The tightened rules include a general mask m...

Last news

11 : 48
The EU Council approved the reform of the gas market.
07 : 33
Sunak declared a “day of shame” in Britain due to the scandal.
07 : 31
France supported the ICC’s request to issue an arrest warrant against Netanyahu and Hamas leaders.
18 : 29
NATO headquarters exercise Regex 2024 has begun in Moldova.
18 : 23
Austin is based on the situation in the Middle East region after Raisi’s death.
14 : 49
Pedro Sánchez believes that Miley has failed Spanish-Argentine relations.
07 : 57
The visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to Japan has been urgently postponed.
06 : 39
The Vice President of Iran confirmed the death of the President in a helicopter crash.
22 : 43
The King of Saudi Arabia fell ill with pneumonia.
15 : 27
The Iranian President’s helicopter made a hard landing.
13 : 44
Musk launched satellite Internet communications in Indonesia.
08 : 10
A representative of the Navajo tribe spoke about the consequences of uranium mining in the United States.
08 : 08
Trump will require Biden to take a drug test.
19 : 34
The United States and Argentina intend to intensify cooperation in energy and mining.
15 : 40
The President of Georgia vetoed the bill on foreign agents.
12 : 24
The head of the Slovak Ministry of Health spoke about the prime minister’s condition.
07 : 31
In Australia, pro-Palestinian demonstrators stormed a ruling party conference.
07 : 00
Trump said he would require drug tests before his debate with Biden.
19 : 29
The head of the Pentagon will hold a meeting of the contact group to support Ukraine.
19 : 25
An investigation into a large-scale data leak has begun in Finland.
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