Wednesday, 7 December 2022 year
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Greece brings back mask mandate

The Greek government said Thursday that all Christmas concerts and other season events have been cancelled across the country due to rising omicron cases.  The tightened rules include a general mask m...

Last news

08 : 48
Australia has joined the restrictions on Russian oil prices.
08 : 46
In Catalonia, about 70 people were injured in a train collision.
08 : 43
The Prime Minister of Mongolia called on the people of the country to calm.
08 : 41
In Germany, they conducted a major special operation because of the upcoming coup d’état.
08 : 40
China explained the refusal of the United States to supply Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine.
08 : 38
In Iran, they can block the bank accounts of women who do not wear the hijab.
08 : 36
Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have described another 17 kilometers of the border.
08 : 34
China has announced a significant easing of anti-COVID policy.
19 : 48
The MEP sharply responded to Borrell’s words about the Ukrainian jungle.
19 : 46
Biden intends to run for a second presidential term.
19 : 44
The scientist accused the FBI of persecution because of his position on COVID-19.
19 : 42
Serbia’s position on sanctions against Russia will not change, Vučić said.
06 : 36
Borrell called for postponing the discussion of security guarantees for Russia.
06 : 34
Beijing reacted to the Pentagon report on China’s military power.
06 : 33
An explosion at a waterworks in Tokyo killed one person.
06 : 31
Iran has arrested 12 people on suspicion of subversive activities.
06 : 29
The DPRK opened artillery fire again in response to the firing of South Korea.
09 : 13
Scholz said that the effectiveness of sanctions against Russia is increasing.
09 : 11
Turkey has overcome the peak of inflation, said the head of the country’s Ministry of Finance.
09 : 10
In Istanbul, more than ten people were injured in an accident with a tram.
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