Today: Sunday, 19 May 2024 year

Erdogan called Netanyahu a populist.

Erdogan called Netanyahu a populist.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a populist, saying he has lost the support of the Israeli people.

“Netanyahu is a man who has lost the support of his citizens, who has attracted the rebuff of the Israeli people. He wants to find support for his mass murders by quoting the Torah and using religious terms. What this man is doing is purely a PR job, populist approach. The Israeli administration is systematically usurping the homes, streets, jobs and living space of Palestinians. Documents are being signed that do not give them the right to live. Occupation has become widespread, with occupiers called settlers settling in Palestinian homes,” the Turkish leader told reporters in plane upon return from Astana.

According to him, in Europe “a history of double standards, unprincipledness and lawlessness is being written.

“…What makes them not pay attention to the corpses of babies lined up in a row? What makes Europe so blind as not to see the bombs falling on Gaza? What kind of duty is it that makes it not notice the ugly, inhuman massacres? If not God willing, tomorrow a similar massacre will occur in some European country, the European Union will take a position depending on whether it has a duty to the perpetrator of the massacre or not. We know well what happened in the past in Bosnia and Srebrenica, in the heart of Europe, and how European countries were silent and turned a blind eye to this massacre, just like today,” the Turkish leader emphasized.