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Erdogan called on the United States to intervene in the situation in the Gaza Strip.

Erdogan called on the United States to intervene in the situation in the Gaza Strip.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that in a conversation with his American counterpart Joe Biden he called on Washington to intervene in the situation in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, the White House said that Biden had a conversation with Erdogan, the leaders discussed the supply of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and the future of the Palestinian population.

“We discussed the topic of the Gaza Strip. As a result of the events in Gaza, 18 thousand people died – children, women, the elderly. Schools, mosques and churches were destroyed. We discussed how humane this is, we said that the United States needs to intervene at this moment. Their non-intervention is a crime against humanity. We will not sit idly by either, we will continue to make every effort,” Erdogan told reporters.

Speaking about the vote in the UN General Assembly on the resolution and the growing number of countries that supported it, Erdogan noted that the situation has changed. The Turkish leader expressed the opinion that Israel is “moving towards loneliness” and its isolation will increase.

Earlier, the United States at the UN Security Council vetoed a UAE draft resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, as well as the release of all hostages without preconditions. Later, the UN General Assembly adopted a similar resolution; the United States voted against it. Unlike UN Security Council resolutions, General Assembly resolutions do not have legally binding force.

As previously reported by the office of the Turkish leader, Erdogan, during telephone conversations with Biden, said that the deepening and prolongation of Israeli attacks could have negative regional and global consequences, and the creation of a guarantor mechanism proposed by Turkey, the fulfillment of these promises and the creation of an independent, sovereign, territorially integrated a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem within the 1967 borders is the most reasonable and sustainable solution.

In addition, Ankara reported, Erdogan told Biden that the US withdrawal of unconditional support for Israel could lead to a ceasefire in Gaza, and noted that the human tragedy in Gaza must be stopped as soon as possible.