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Estonia to take part in NATO defence ministers meeting in Brussels

Estonia to take part in NATO defence ministers meeting in Brussels

Estonia’s Defence Minister and his Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish counterparts take part in a two-day meeting of NATO ministers of defence in Brussels, BalticTimes said.

On Thursday and Friday, NATO ministers are scheduled to discuss the latest developments and the ways of strengthening of the alliance’s deterrence and defence.

Juri Luik, the Estonian defence minister will meet with Gen. Tod D. Wolters, NATO’s supreme allied commander Europe. During the two-day meeting in Brussels, ministers will discuss the preparations for the summit of NATO heads of state and heads of government to be held in London in December.

In addition, the ministers of defence are to discuss matters related to NATO operations and missions and the latest developments in northeastern Syria, spokespeople for the Defense Ministry in Tallinn said.

For Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the participation in the meeting of such high level become a new experience. Fifteen years ago, NATO opened its doors to the Baltic states.

The defence ministers of the NATO countries will discuss the next steps after the demise of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, as well as the NATO Readiness Initiative. The latter is also known as’ 4×30 initiative’ and aimed at enhancing the readiness of existing national forces and their ability to move within Europe and across the Atlantic. Under the current situations, response to a more unpredictable security environment should be immediate.

Under the initiative, allies have committed, by 2020, to having 30 battalions, 30 air squadrons, and 30 naval combat vessels ready to use within 30 days.

NATO ministers will also share their opinions on the recent Turkey’s military campaign in northern Syria and its unpredictable results as the Russian-Turkish accord on the safe zone. These fast changes made NATO countries to reshape its policy to be able to respond quickly and effectively if the situation requires.