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EU: Bulgaria and Romania may join borderless Schengen area ‘immediately’

EU: Bulgaria and Romania may join borderless Schengen area ‘immediately’

Jean-Claude Juncker sees a new future for Eurozone, the EU President calls for more countries to join the Euro. Recently, he invited Bulgaria and Romania to join borderless Schengen area as soon as they can.

Juncker believes that Europe had to pursue an enlargement project to the western Balkans. According to the EU president, it was high time for Romania and Bulgaria to be brought into the EU’s border-free Schengen zone ‘immediately’, along with Croatia when it was ready.

Regarding Turkey, Juncker wasn’t too positive, because in the EU “the rule of law, justice and fundamental rights” took priority and “that rules out EU membership for Turkey for the foreseeable future”.

In his address on the annual state of union Juncker proposed a series of reforms to the European community. The reforms linked to the tighter integration and averting a so-called two-speed Europe.

The power of the European Union in its solidarity, that’s why UK will ‘soon regret’ leaving EU, added Juncker in his speech. The EU President told the European Parliament that Brexit would be a “sad, tragic” moment for the EU but that the 27-member union would “move on”.

“Brexit is not the future of Europe. It is not the be all and end all,”

Jean-Claude Juncker concluded. So far, two European countries, Bulgaria and Romania, soon to be a member of the borderless Schengen zone, inside which Hungary has already constructed a border because of migrant flow and even asked EU to pay for border.