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EU congratulates Turkey on natural gas find

EU congratulates Turkey on natural gas find

The head of the EU delegation, Christian Berger, congratulated Turkey with finding natural gas resources. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hailed the find as the “biggest gas discovery” in Turkey’s history, Yeni Safak reports.

Upon arrival to Karabuk in Turkey’s Black Sea region, EU official said he hopes these gas resources can be extracted as soon as possible. “The EU always wants to see Turkey as a country that is stable, democratic, and prosperous,” said Berger and expressed hope that gas will be made available for use soon.

The new finding will contribute significantly to the Turkish economy, the experts say. Country’s major natural gas discovery in the Black Sea announced Friday will contribute significantly to the country’s development and economy, said the head of the EU Delegation to Turkey.

Commenting on the new aspect of the economy, Mr Berger said the gas will strengthen ties between Turkey and the EU. “In 2016, when I was assigned to Turkey, relations were in a difficult place. Turkey had serious problems with some member states. Over time, we have done very important work to advance relations,” EU official said.

He said they have been able to establish dialogue in all areas and continue to work on some issues that need to be resolved.

Turkey’s natural gas discovery will boost economy

Millions across Turkey waited patiently for 3 p.m. on Friday after President Erdogan said Wednesday he had “good news” that will mark a “new period” for Turkey.

President said Turkey has long been dependent on foreign companies for oil and gas exploration activities. Erdogan specifically thanked both the finance minister and energy minister for pioneering the projects.

Turkey’s major natural gas discovery in the Black Sea is expected to play a critical role in lowering the country’s annual $12 billion gas import bill as well as changing the dynamics of the region.