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EU gas importers want to ask Norway to cut prices

EU gas importers want to ask Norway to cut prices

In Europe, they believe that because of the energy crisis, Norway must supply gas at a price below the market.

Many EU executives who import Norwegian gas are ‘privately’ saying that Norway ‘should agree to export gas at a reduced price’. A quarter of gas supplies to Europe come from Norway.

“As the price of gas continues to rise, more than doubling since Russia began openly restricting exports in June, there is a quiet murmur in the industry. He says that the time has come to ask Norway to do what previously seemed unthinkable: Norway must agree to lower the price at which it sells its gas,” experts say, noting that this is not yet an official proposal.

With gas prices on the rise, state-owned Norwegian company Equinor plans to make about €100 billion in energy export profits in 2022. A year earlier, the profit was €30 billion. It is likely that the country has already “gained a certain budgetary freedom.”