Today: Tuesday, 23 April 2024 year

EU Migrant Crisis: Ushers Neo Nazi Revival in Germany since Adolf Hitler

Germany is in turmoil and is in the brink of a terrifying period of violence and civil strife since Adolf Hitler’s Nazi days as EU migrants floods into Germany.

The massive number of migrants from war torn Middle East , including Syria swarming into the open doors of Germany has ignited a “neo-Nazi revival” that could trigger anarchy.

Police are confronted with angry civilians targeting refugees in brutal attacks. Angela Merkel’s open door policy has reach to limit that is not anymore acceptable to the German citizenry.

The ganging scenario is a spectacle that resembles the 1930’s Third Reich as protesters runs into battle with desperate migrants and their supporter journalists and politicians.

Even the respected German news magazine Der Spiegel has liken the present threat as a “relapse to the time of the Weimar Republic when political confrontations hit Germany after WWI, leading to the rise of Hitler.

There is an increase in hostilities attributed to right-wing extremist movements. Riots, rallies and even physical violence are everywhere. Neo-Nazi mobs tracked down and beat migrants in the street in the last few days.

A Morrocan and Libyan were beaten by 25 neo Nazis in Pirna near Dresden on Friday. In the northern city of Wismar and Magdeburg, outside Berlin, Syrians were battered with baseball bats over the weekend in separate incidents.

A new-Nazi madman stabbed one moderate politician in the throat, making by a German magazine to write “The hate is back.”

Germany offers refuge to an expected 1.5 million migrants in 2015 alone, while other EU member states refuse to take in any refugee.

The very recent official statistics released by the EU border agency Frontex numbered the migrants arriving in Europe up to 710,000 so far this year.

This shocking number according to a British politician results from Germany’s controversial “open arms welcoming” policy.