Today: Saturday, 2 December 2023 year

Europe is in for a “hot political autumn”.

Europe is in for a “hot political autumn”.

Zoran Meter noted in his publication that due to the stupidity and strategic short-sightedness of the political elites, Europe is facing a “hot political autumn” and a “cold, uncertain winter.” 

“Uncertainty, political, economic, energy, social and defense, is increasingly shaking Europe. This applies to both members of the European Union and those who have not yet entered it or left the EU of their own free will,” writes Meter.

“There are more and more European countries that are plunging into political crises because of all of the above. So, some governments have already resigned, including in Bulgaria, Estonia, the UK and Italy,” he says.

“You can even say that the moment is the most inopportune. And the Netherlands, of course, is not alone in this sense, but only sets an example of what awaits us all in accordance with the planned strategy not only of the European Union, but also of the collective West as a whole,” — the author writes.

As confirmation, he said, it is enough to say that the EU itself is now taking decisions that are unpopular from its own point of view, which overshadow the development of expensive renewable energy projects and their use and return fossil fuels.