Today: Saturday, 25 May 2024 year

Europe Warned Of Possible New Year’s Eve Terrorist Attacks

Just in time to add some tension to the holiday cheer around the globe, Vienna police have announced that a “friendly” intelligence source has tipped them to be on the alert for a possible shooting or bombing terrorist attack on European capitals.

The Viennese law enforcement officials didn’t give details other to say that after checking credible sources, nothing concrete has come up.

Just this Christmas morning, the Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II addressed the world giving both messages of hope to the public, but warnings to the Islamist militants bent on wreaking havoc. This warning has been taken into consideration by the European capitals and it’s a good bet that extra security will be issued.

Holiday revelers are already fed up with such invasive security as they’re often stopped and searched, must go through several screening areas, and have Ids checked often. It has gotten to the point that a good day or night’s fun cannot be had anymore, especially after the Parisian terrorist attacks and others throughout the world.

On Saturday, ISIS/ISIL leader Baghdadi showed up after a 7 month silence to brag, threaten, and boast that his forces will overrun Israel and that the west is doomed to failure. He had been thought killed or injured during a bombing attack in October, but has apparently survived and couldn’t resist sticking his head out of his “hidey-hole” to shoot off at the mouth.

In addition, the Russians killed the leader of the largest opposition group to ISIS/ISIL and President Assad’s forces in Damascus, Syria.

It would be easy pickins for terrorists to score high during holiday celebrations. People are packed in, often drunk, and given to irresponsible behavior. Just a handful of terrorists with automatic weapons and grenades could kill scores of people in mere minutes before law enforcement or government troops intervened.

It’s best to hope the entertainment and media industries in Europe will repeat the alerts and offer information regarding safety procedures during the celebrations. If Europe does get through the celebrations without incident it could be that the terrorists really don’t have the expansive network they brag about. On the other hand, they may be lulling the European cities into a false sense of security so that when they let their guard down, they’ll strike, and with earnest.

Do you feel the constant terrorist threat is a quality of life problem? Is the US and its allies doing the job necessary? Add your comments below.