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European Union supports Rouhani

European Union supports Rouhani

The European Union supports Iranian President Rouhani, on Saturday, Federica Mogherini reaffirmed that EU is ready to fulfil all its obligations under the agreement and to support the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The smooth cooperation with Iran is an important issue to the EU Commission.

The EU has reiterated full commitment to the nuclear deal, that agreement was signed between Iran and the five permanent UNSC/EU members. The sidelines of the inauguration ceremony of the President Hasan Rouhani in Tehran became the perfect platform for the roundtable talks with Iranian officials.

Iran got an important reaffirmation from the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini. According to the EU’s head of diplomacy, European Union unwavering commitment to the Plan of Action, the signed agreement.

European Union supports Rouhani

Iran and EU continues the cooperation

Federica Mogherini recalled the historic significance of the Joint Plan, stressed its multilateral dimension. According to the EU top diplomat, that deal is extremely important for the stability, regional and global.

The High Representative reviewed the bilateral cooperation between EU and Iran in different areas. Both sides confirmed their interest in expanding this cooperation and discussions will continue at the next summit.

President Rouhani pointed to the key role of nuclear deal between in enhancing regional stability. The Iranian leader stressed that his country will remain committed to the Plan and will be bound by its obligations as soon as it is not violated by other sides.