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Europeans showed their skepticism regarding the EU’s future

Europeans showed their skepticism regarding the EU’s future

Meanwhile, citizens of the Great Britain are waiting for the referendum, other peoples in E.U. show the skepticism. It is on the rise in Europe, according to a Pew poll data — an average of 47% of respondents across 10 countries reporting not so favorable views of the European Union and its future.

In two weeks, on the June 23, the Great Britain’s citizens will vote on leaving or staying their country inside E.U. The Britain’s membership of the E.U is under threat, so, Pew Research Center decided to know the thoughts and aspirations of the citizens across the rest of E.U. Results of the Pew poll is impressive; in comparison with 2015 poll, this year data show dramatically decreased support for E.U. as a political and economical entity from Europeans.

Brexit and migrant issues as main E.U. headaches

In fact, much of showed disaffection has been caused by the migrant crisis and economic situation on the Continent. In every country polled citizens disapproved the E.U. policy regarding migrants and handling this crisis by European government. In Greece, Sweden and Italy people are very disappointed with migrant issue and governmental ways to solve this rising problem (94%, 88%, and 77% respectively).

On Brexit issue the British electorate almost evenly split on whether to leave or remain within the E.U. Pew’s survey was conducted between April and May 2016 and had more than 10,000 respondents in telephone and face-to-face interviews.