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Evo Morales thanks Adolfo Perez Esquivel for his support

Evo Morales thanks Adolfo Perez Esquivel for his support

The ex-president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, thanked Nobel Laureate Adolfo Perez Esquivel for his support after he Argentinian pledged to contribute to Bolivia’s struggle to recover democracy.

Morales wrote on his Twitter that the meeting with legendary Perez Esquivel was extremely important. Two men met on Monday in Buenos Aires where Evo Morales came from Mexico.

Perez Esquivel is the prominent human rights defender whose commitment helping to recover democracy in Bolivia is extremely important for Morales.

‘Great meeting with brother Adolfo Perez Esquivel, who denounced the coup attempts that were being prepared against my government in Bolivia; for that reason he vehemently condemned the interference of the United States in the interruption of democracy,’ the former Bolivian leader wrote on his Twitter and posted the photo with the Nobel laureate and several human right activists.

According to Morales’ report on their meeting, Adolfo Perez Esquivel faithful to his commitment to protect freedom and human rights.

Evo Morales has intensified his activity this month. Since he arrived in Buenos Aires on December 14, the politician also rejected on Twitter the decision of the de facto government, headed by self-proclaimed president Jeanine Añez, to join the Lima Group to ‘contribute to solving the alleged political crisis in Venezuela.’