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Exercise in the morning and sleep better at night

Exercise in the morning and sleep better at night

The Danish researchers announced that regular morning exercise outdoors makes you better at night. The logic of organism is simple and understandable in this case: hormones melatonin, adrenalin and serotonin improve body rhythms and have a positive effect on your sleep.

A researcher team from Aarhus University, Denmark revealed the positive influence of the morning exercises. If our organism every morning got this good short stress, it makes you night sleep much better and deeper. According to the leading author of the research, Sofie Laage-Christiansen:

“When you exercise, your body produces lots of good hormones, such as adrenaline, which wakes you up and makes you ready to face the day.”

There are several pluses of the morning exercises for the body’s health:

      1. Short-term stress is good for the body
      2. Morning exercise boosts the body’s natural rhythms
      3. A night owl can become an early bird
      4. Better to exercise in the evening than not at all

The most important in such an approach is the regularity, then all the organism’s system are receiving the same signal, loud and clear, said Laage-Christiansen.