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Explosion in Rouen bar: 13 killed

Explosion in Rouen bar: 13 killed

City Rouen in Normandy, France mourns — last night the explosion and fire in a local bar Cuba Libre killed 13 people and injured six. According to the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, the fire seems to have been accidental.

A fierce fire in a bar in Rouen raise the death toll up to 13 people. The Normandy authorities say that six people are in hospital now, one of them got serious injuries. The medics are fighting for his life.

The fire was caused by the explosion in the basement, said a public prosecutor. So, fire at the Reunion island-themed Cuba Libre bar seems to have been accidental. The cause of the explosion has not yet been determined, this unexpected incident killed and trapped inside the bar premises several young people in the ages of 18 and 25.

Last night in Cuba Libre bar the young people celebrated a birthday. A private party was interrupted by the explosion, the firefighter team came to the place immediately after the call, at 00:50 CET on Aug 6. They’ve managed to rescue six of those inside, the bodies of 13 died people have been taken to a nearby hospital.

At 03:00 the rescue operation was completed, the premises of Cuba Libre bar declared as a secure place.