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Lifestage: Facebook’s answer to Snapchat

Lifestage: Facebook’s answer to Snapchat

Facebook is ready to entertain the teenagers. Anything the want, just with the Facebook — that’s an aegis of modern technologies. So, Facebook took direct aim at video-loving fans with the release of a new iPhone app Lifestage that allows teens to watch clips about the lives of their classmates. In other words, new app Lifestage is a Facebook’s answer to Snapchat.

The app from Facebook was released rather quietly, with no pomp, as usual, does social media giant. This time, new app called Lifestage makes it easy and fun to share a visual profile of who you are with your school network, say its creators.

Lifestage is available for anyone to download on iPhone, although seeing profiles of other users is reserved for those 21 years of age or younger. Being a user of Facebook is rather easy, you can make video clips to describe likes, peeves, dance styles, and other aspects of their character.

The videoclips, which you’ve created, can be seeable by other Lifestage members if you want to. The option of blocking and reporting older folks is on the board, too. Once enough students at any given school are on the app, it becomes “unlocked.”