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Facebook: all foreign ads about Eighth Amendment referendum to block

Facebook: all foreign ads about Eighth Amendment referendum to block

Facebook is going to ban all foreign ads about Eighth Amendment referendum despite it does not yet have automated tools to respond to such communications, Irish Times reports.

Facebook’s ban will be applied to ads that have been paid for by organisations outside Ireland, moreover, the platform will investigate any ads brought to its attention. FB’s machine learning is an attempt to pick up campaigns that breach the rules.

After Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook intends to bring in new political transparency tools that will require advertisers to register and be verified before they can take out ads on political matters and a range of issues identified by the social media platform and its partners. Unfortunately, the full toolbox would not be ready in time for the referendum on May 25th.

Irish citizens head to the polls on May 25 to decide whether to alter the eighth amendment of the constitution, which recognises the equal right to life of the unborn and the mother. There have already been several referendums related to the issue, the first in 1983 which introduced the amendment after a wide margin voted in favour.

Liam Neeson supports the campaign, in an open letter to the Irish Independent newspaper Monday he wrote he respects a woman’s right to decide, so he is backing yes. The same opinion has another Hollywood star Saoirse Ronan whose blunt appeals: “Please, vote yes!”

Facebook’s statement reads that the company understands the sensitivity of Eighth Amendment referendum campaign and will work hard to ensure neutrality at all stages.

“We are an open platform for people to express ideas and views on both sides of a debate. Our goal is simple: to help ensure a free, fair and transparent vote on this important issue,”

the statement reads.