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Facebook launches first nationwide voter registration drive

Facebook launches first nationwide voter registration drive

Facebook offers you to get out to vote, that’s why on Friday, this social net’s users in the U.S. (18+, of course) have received a gentle reminder. Facebook wants them to register to vote at the top of their News Feed. An Election Day is coming, America!

The US voter registration drive became the first political event by Facebook. The social net decided to roll it out nationwide, millions of subscribers are the potential voter, indeed. The principal segment is young people who are less likely to turn out. The reminder will be sent out over the next four days, Facebook said.

Facebook is sending out its reminder about the vote over the next four days. All you need is click on the “Register Now” button. It will send voter to the federal government’s which explains a simple registration process in their state.

Privacy is a main principle of Facebook, but if you want to share your voter’s status, you are free to go. But Facebook did not provide an estimate of how many people would see the notification. According to the statistics, about 35% of Americans eligible to vote in 2012 were not registered, this year percent expected to be lower.

Katie Harbath, Facebook’s head of government outreach, shared her opinion:

“We thought we had a unique ability and responsibility to show people this reminder that they should be checking their registration so they can participate in the election.”

Voter registration drive is like online clipboard-toting volunteers knocking on doors. Earlier Facebook has experimented with a voter drive during the primaries, now online registering should encourage citizens to vote in November.