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Fallujah suffers: humanitarian crisis in Iraqi province

Fallujah suffers: humanitarian crisis in Iraqi province

Humanitarian crisis in the Iraqi Fallujah city is still going on because of ISIS terrorists use people as ‘human shields’, UNCHCR representative said yesterday. Nearly 3,700 people have fled Fallujah over the past week amid a new offensive by Iraqi forces to retake the besieged city from the ISIS.

According to data provided by Iraqi authorities, nearly 1,300 people are staying in the al-Iraq camp in the Ameriyat al-Falluja district. But 624 families decided to leave the city for saving their lives, because often civilians are just  ‘human shield’ for terrorists. In the Ameriyat al-Falluja district UNHCR Office is working to provide assistance to local Iraqi people.

Civilians are scattered in one of several other Government-run camps in the district or staying with relatives. According to William Spindler, UNHCR press-officer, “Iraqi forces are helping to transport families escaping the city, and have set up a hotline to provide information to people wanting to leave.”

Iraqi authorities are going to give a search to suspicious men and boys, last week 500 men and boys over 12-years-old are held for security screening. Normally, this procedure may take five to seven days, authority needs to be sure that man or boy is not connected with ISIS.