Today: Wednesday, 6 December 2023 year

FARC rebels claimed responsibility for the attack in western Colombia.

FARC rebels claimed responsibility for the attack in western Colombia.

Militants of the Central General Staff group of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia claimed responsibility for the recent terrorist attack in the Colombian department of Cauca, where two bystanders were killed, called it a mistake and announced a unilateral ceasefire until October 8, when peace negotiations with the government are supposed to start.

“We deeply regret the events that took place in the town of Timba, Cauca department, during the fighting against a police station located in a civilian settlement between a school and a hospital, which violates the norms of international humanitarian law. We recognize the inaccuracy of this military action, in which two civilians were killed, as a mistake and five were wounded, we sympathize with their families and friends, we know that the wounds of war are difficult to heal, no matter what we say or do,” the group said in a statement on the group’s blog on the social network X.

The Central General Staff noted that they are conducting defensive and offensive actions in response to large-scale military plans of the government against their command, but said that as an immediate measure to reduce the consequences for the civilian population, they will suspend offensive actions throughout the national territory against security forces until October 8. On this day, peace negotiations with the government should begin and a bilateral ceasefire agreement should come into force.


Colombian Defense Minister Ivan Velazquez questioned the rebels’ claims. Commenting to reporters on another terrorist attack that occurred on Friday in the department of Valle del Cauca, he said that the FARC’s “Western Bloc” is not controlled by the “Central General Staff” and that the authorities intend to continue their actions aimed at protecting citizens and establishing the rule of law.