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Farmers detained at protests in Paris spoke about the decline of the industry.

Farmers detained at protests in Paris spoke about the decline of the industry.

Activists from the union Coordination Rurale, detained by police for an unauthorized protest at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, said that due to a lack of support and destructive measures, governments can no longer feed themselves.

According to union activist Marc Ortefeuille, the rally was held in memory of a farmer from the Loiret department, two hours south of Paris, where they came from, who recently committed suicide.

“In France, farmers commit suicide every two days. This is colossal. Today they can no longer feed themselves and live with dignity, practicing their profession, and the government has done nothing for years. Our government is not aware of this,” he said.

The farmer complained that they now face a huge fine.

“And we haven’t done anything. (French President Emmanuel) Macron constantly communicates with foreign leaders, he is more interested in communicating with foreign countries than in his own country,” the activist added.

One of the reasons for the decline of French agriculture is excessive imports from Ukraine, Pierre said.

“Today we import Ukrainian grain at 109 euros per ton, while French grain trades on average at 170 euros per ton. We have too many imports. We help Ukraine by importing huge amounts of wheat, we give them weapons – and all this to the detriment of French and European agriculture. You see, farmers are protesting all over Europe,” the activist said.