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Fashion: body scanning tech helps to choose better-fitting clothes

Fashion: body scanning tech helps to choose better-fitting clothes

Online marketplace Zalando presents an innovative way to find better-fitting clothes. A body scanning app incorporated in the platform will help customers to make the optimal choice, The Springwise reports.

The coronacrisis has boosted online sales but the problem of online-shopping is still actual. Up to 40 per cent of all online purchases are returned by the customer. The only reason is bad-fitting clothes.

Zalando, which have just announced the acquisition of Swiss computer vision tech company, Fision, is ready to present a solution. A body scanning technology (BST) will help customers to choose better-fitting clothes. As happier customer as higher sales, Zalando’s CTO, Jim Freeman, explained.

The BST has a number of potential uses, including allowing the creation of virtual dressing rooms and helping fashion companies eliminate waste by manufacturing clothes to order.

Fision has already developed a virtual dressing room that uses a body scanning app to let customers see how exactly how they would look in any garment before they buy. Zalando hopes that incorporating the app into their platform could help reduce the rate of returns due to poor fit.

“We will continue to invest in strengthening Zalando’s tech capabilities in order to propel us on our path to become the starting point for millions of fashion customers across Europe,” Freeman said.

With incorporating the innovative body-scanning app, Zalando hopes to decrease the expense and logistics of handling returns, a major barrier to the growth of e-commerce.

The hope is that tech such as Fision’s app could help reduce this back-and-forth and potential waste by guaranteeing that clothing will actually fit perfect and look marvellous.