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Father’s Day 2016: what not to buy as a gift

Father’s Day 2016: what not to buy as a gift

Want to make a Father’s Day in 2016 a perfect day? Please, read below list of gifts, which you have to stay away. Next June 19 will be a really good day for your father if your present will meet his needs. Sometimes simple phone call and sincere word make your dad happy and proud of being a father. And just in case your intended gift idea somehow landed on a list below because a recent survey showed their absolute ineffectiveness as gifts. Try to use alternative options, they could me more useful and fun, too.

Top 5 the worst gift ideas for the Father’s Day

Barbecue. Probably, old barbecue is still in use, so no need to replace old good thing with the same new one. Besides, it’ll cost you a hefty chunk: June 19 is the peak of the summer season goods.

Cologne. You really think that your father has no cologne? It is the most popular gift, so every man has at least half a dozen of cologne bottles in his cabinet. Innovative razor or shower gel will be more appreciate, actually.

Cofee mug. Useful but too simple as the gift. No 1 in the nomination “the gift that may never get used”. To make dad’s kitchen more comfortable, present him smart coffee machine. That’s will be more sophisticated, believe.

Toolbox. Some of that kind of tools are in daddy’s garage already, so your father hardly needs another toolbox on the Father’s day.

A generic gift card. Too standard, better present your father a store-specific gift card instead. Such a gift cards won’t require an activation fee, so you and dad can get your full money’s worth.

In fact, if you do not know what your father wants to get for his ‘professional’ day, ask mom. As a rule, she knows exactly what dad needs today or dream of.